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Ancient Fungal Ancestors, Healers and Teachers With Ben Spice

In this episode we are joined by Ben Spice, passionate ‘Mycophile’, ‘Student’ of the Fungi, Permaculturist, and Wild Food Chef. Ben joins us to share his study, wisdom and experience from his journey and fascination with fungi in its many glorious forms.

SoilSistar Sandra

In this episode we are joined by SoilSistar Sandra Salazar, horticulturist, Founder of GoGrowWithLove, Coordinator for Women Leading With the Land, highlighting women from African and Caribbean roots to learn and share skills. Sandra will be sharing her beautiful journey, experiences, love and growth with the communities and how she has been uniting and contributing to the up keep of the land.

Adrian Rooke – Druid And Spiritual Therapist

Rooke shares with us his journey and experience of walking the path of a modern day Druid and supporting others to reach their potential within this human experience. Adrian has practised as a therapist for nearly 25 years and is an accredited Councillor with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapists and a spiritual healer. Adrian has learnt nature based spirituality for over 20 years and is a druid in the order of Bards Ovates and Druids.

Sister Tibebwa

Sister Tibebwa from Earth Love Ltd shares her beautiful path as a Priestess, healer, Environmental project Creatrix and Activist ❤

Growing up in a market garden in Ireland, Sister Tibebwa has been planting and growing all her life. She started her own ‘Green Finger’s’ gardening company in London, planted lots of gardens in her late teens and early 20’s, and began her works of greening urban spaces. When she moved to Ethiopia in the late 90’s, Sis. Tibebwa started planting trees officially, organising her first Tree-planting ceremony there in 1999, and continuing to plant every year since then, including arranging a Tree Planting ceremony with the Head of State and the Head of the Church of Ethiopia.

Indra Donfrancesco

Discusses her life as being dedicated to activism and Earth protectress – including her work preventing destruction of ancient British woodlands and the battle against HS2, high speed railway construction.

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