100% of your money helps us protect, plant, and nurture our sacred trees.

100% of your money helps us protect, plant, and nurture our sacred trees.

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Winter Solstice Celebration and Sacred Tree Planting

Fellowship of the Trees is known for our four direction Winter Solstice Tree planting events planting in four locations around the UK connecting all directions in a sacred act of love through tree planting.

With the turning of the seasons the Winter Solstice is when daylight is at its minimal, we welcome Winter with the return of the Sun. We have also completed plantings at the Spring Equinox, which represents the arrival of spring, awakening and rebirth.

These times of the year fall beautifully within the tree planting season (in the UK) and we collaborate with communities and other organisations to plant tree saplings as a blessing to the earth. Giving thanks to our ancestors and visioning a thriving, abundant world for our future generations. We love to mark the turning of the seasons, however we carry out land regeneration projects and tree planting throughout the year at the appropriate time, location dependant. Our land regeneration projects have involved working with communities to regenerate the land with native and fruit trees, and also vegetable, flower and herb permaculture.

Weaving sacred action with music, community, offering to mother earth with intention, ceremony and planting of tree species chosen for their appropriateness of roles within the biodiversity of each environment. Our events are always highly beneficial and enjoyable to both the land and people, bringing communities together in service and celebration.