Fellowship of the Trees - One off Donation

We invite you to make a donation now to help us meet the costs of delivering our community and life enriching work.

UK Tree Guardian Initiative


Your donation to this initiative will help support purchase of native seeds and cost of postage to our growing network of UK community Tree Guardians.


You are invited to tend and nurture native tree seeds in your garden, courtyard or on a windowsill until they are saplings. Being a Tree Guardian develops a deepening relationship with trees alongside learning about their benefits to people and the environment.  

When the tree saplings are two years old, Tree Guardians are invited to take part in a community led tree planting event where their sapling, will be planted in the ground.  

In this way, you will be an organic part of supporting the environment and biodiversity.  As time goes on, you may visit your sapling as often as you wish. Tree Guardians are encouraged to keep in touch with those in their area and form “Tree Guardian pods” which can be registered on our site here, as an outgrowth of the movement, sustaining our ethic of stewardship.

Sancha Q’ente

Sancha Q’ente founded by Pío Vucetich based in Peruvian rain forest has grown from seed and reforested 33,000 trees with another 25,000 tree seedlings growing.  

This reforestation project needs your support to cover the costs involved including paying a local workforce who tend and maintain saplings, 25000 seedlings at present, as well as ensuring parasitic plants are kept back.

In Peru the deforestation of millions of hectares of native forest implies breaking the balance of millions of years in which there is a synergy between forest trees, palms, native fruit trees from the area and ornamental plants along with parasitic plants.   This balance is unique and is broken when deforestation through felling and burning happens along with a proliferation of parasitic plants that absorb and annihilate everything which prevents reforestation.

Sacha Q’ente’s work is to grow from seed plants/trees, some on the edge of extinction, to transplant back into the original forest.  Seeds are collected or in some cases commercially sourced which is costly.

Land is prepared and maintained by a local workforce who continually cut the parasitic plant back as it takes only approximately 15 days to a month for the parasitic plant to take over.    This means no benefit to this maintenance is seen for 2-3 years when the reintroduce species are tall enough to fend for themselves.

When these native species grow they bring balance and synergy back with the primary forest.

Winter Solstice Sacred Tree Planting and Celebration

Fellowship of the Trees is known for our four direction Winter Solstice Tree planting events planting in four locations around the UK connecting all directions in a sacred act of love through tree planting.
With the turning of the seasons the Winter Solstice is when daylight is at its minimal, we welcome Winter with the return of the Sun. During this time of the year which falls beautifully within the tree planting season we collaborate with communities and other organisations to plant tree sapling as a blessing to the earth. Giving thanks to our ancestors and visioning a thriving diverse world.

Weaving sacred action with music, community, tending our home mother earth with intention, pray and planting of tree species chosen for their appropriateness of roles within the biodiversity of the environment.
To continue this medicine your support is needed to cover the costs of saplings, stakes, guards along with providing nourishment for the volunteers who donate generously with their time and physical capabilities. Donations may also be used to cover or go towards any maintenance required for these trees planted during this event.

55Land Purchasing for rewilding, stewardship and offering community space

This is to help bring the balance of land ownership back to communities. Land to be purchased may be existing woodland, marshes, waterways, peat bogs &/or to house beehives to legally protect the land under the community interest company and to invite local communities, inclusively, to shape how this land will be nurtured and how it will be weaved with the community to produce a symbiotic relationship.  

Land may be rewilded, community Eco build as an education space and a rewilding area for the local community to deepen their relationship with the land, turning of the seasons and other species who habitat on and under the earth – a place to celebrate as a community.

We plant seeds of hope, we envision change.