What We Do

Restore, regenerate, protect and educate to ensure a world which is abundant, adaptable and thriving for future generations.

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  • Promote and support biodiversity by protecting and restoring natural wildlife habitats and ecosystems through rewilding, reforestation and land regeneration projects
  • Pro-actively honour, encourage and revitalise meaningful connections between people, land and spirituality through sacred and environmental activism.
  • Collaborate with other tree organisations, landowners and grass roots community and environmental organisations in urban and rural areas both locally and internationally.
  • Support the planting of native trees to create and replenish permanent woodlands and forests.
  • Organise neighbourhood seed cultivation, tree planting and care projects and events in rural and urban communities.
  • Contribute to the creation of agroforestry and agroecological projects, supporting farmers to have healthier soils and higher yields.
  • Create and support community permaculture projects, forest and herb gardens.
  • Support organic vegetable farming initiatives and encouraging healthy plant-based nutrition to support health and longevity.
  • Provide a platform for education, training and leadership in the fields of regenerative culture, herbal medicine, healthy lifestyles, rewilding, conservation, spirituality and sustainability.
  • Combine eco-therapy, environmentalism, holistic therapies and spiritual practices to educate, empower and promote the well-being of individuals, groups and communities.
  • Promote, protect and support inclusive and loving communities
  • Act in solidarity with indigenous and marginalised communities to protect and regenerate healthy ecosystems and promote environmental and social justice.
  • Create a network and community of Fellowship leaders to amplify and extend our activities and reach.

Check out all the places we’ve planted trees and our active Tree Guardian micro-nurseries.

Our Current Projects

UK Community Initiative, Tree Guardians – Micro Nurseries

Tree Guardians pledge to nurture and tend native tree seeds for two years, in their gardens, balconies and windowsill. To grow flourishing saplings which will deepen their relationship and practical experience of growing trees along with learning what the benefits each tree species offers to the environment including communities and people.

This initiative is about creating a web of micro nurseries throughout the UK. Where after two years of guardianship the saplings will be part of local community planting projects and weaving deeper stewardship qualities between Tree Guardians and saplings.

Tending seeds at home offers an opportunity for all people within our communities to contribute to regenerating rural, urban as well as community environments.

We chose to champion Native Tree Species as within a woodland, hedgerow or on land biodiversity is also affected by whether the main tree species are native to Britain. Non-Native Trees are often uninviting to native species of invertebrates, which have not evolved to feed on them. Increased biodiversity can be found where there are native tree species along with the tree species having adapted over years to climate and environmental variability.

Part of this initiative is to invite people to pause and observe trees where they live and how the trees inspire creative expression whether it is through poems, music, songs, movement or art and to share these with wider communities.

You are invited to be a Tree Guardian by clicking the “Join here” button below.

Micro Nursery - Image credit https://www.objective-bias.net/what-is-a-micro-nursery

Nature Talks

You are invited to these conversations where revolutionary speakers bring powerful voices for Nature and Earth. As life shifts, we have invited spiritual and ecological leaders, pioneers and advocates to talk about how our return to nature will support our evolving world.

Disclaimer: All information, views, opinions and content expressed with Nature Talks series are solely of the individuals guests involved and do not necessarily represent those of Fellowship of the Trees. Furthermore, the information and content provided is not a substitute for medical, legal or other professional advice, and as such, you may seek it on your own accord.

Micro Nursery - Image credit https://www.objective-bias.net/what-is-a-micro-nursery

Tree Stewardship

Trees and biodiversity habitats are part of our family. These sentient beings thrive with tending, nurturing and communication.

FotT recognises that planting trees does not mean we will co-create a flourishing natural world for future generations; it is only part of the solution. Tree Stewardship weaves in watering, tending and management in the way of looking after the aging trees, support for the younger trees and learning how to still ourselves as stewards to listen to nature and its wisdom and knowing.

Through sharing the experience and knowledge of wise peoples the talks offered are to inspire, to create a curiosity for people to co-create community led base groups to support their local natural environment.

Micro Nursery - Image credit https://www.objective-bias.net/what-is-a-micro-nursery

Previous Projects

Join us to grow and restore forests and communities for future generations.