Nancy Joyce Hunter (Director)

Hi I am Nancy Joyce Hunter, It is an honour to be here and I am grateful for this opportunity. Since a young age, mother earth has been close to my heart, she is forgiving and tender – always providing, devoid of ties. For that reason, I and all of us have an innate responsibility to ensure her restoration and maintenance. I have played and worked on various earth projects – also being one of the team members who helped create and manifest The Fellowship Of The Trees – curating projects, ideas and fundraising to bring people together in loving community, supporting awareness of the trees and the re-wilding process and encouraging people to honour the trees, their home and the earth that we all share.

As an intuitive coach, working from a heart space; my joy lies in supporting you to explore, open and embody the Wildly Joyful You! The main models I work with are Solution Based, I am Imagination, The Laws of Assumption, Projection,Attraction, and Identical Harvest which explore how our individual vibration and focus consciously manifest our desires into reality. I look forward to supporting you to fully bring your dreams and desires into reality. Are you ready to live the life you dream?

Marguerite Leathley (Director)

I am committed to being of service within my life, having worked both within the UK and internationally supporting vulnerable people and children.   I have enjoyed engaging in peaceful activism and am passionate about human rights, equality and the environment.  My own journey of self-healing has led me on my path as a healer which later developed into a practise of Shamanism and a calling to honour the sacred within all.  

I have a loving communication with nature, the trees, and other plant and animal spirit allies, who have guided me to become a servant of Gaia, our mother Earth.  One of my greatest joys in this work, has been to create spaces where people can gather to pray for the Earth and our future generations.  I believe in the power of this, and in the power and responsibility of humanity to choose a future where the Earth is restored, abundant and thriving. 

Though there is a sense of urgency for us to act, there is also love, community, healing and beauty available to us all in this work.  This is my experience and vision for the Fellowship of the Trees and I pray it brings happiness and harmony in every way possible. 

Stephen Watts (Advisor)

Stephen is a sculptor, letter carver, organic food grower and teacher, forager, musician, community activist and traditional healing practitioner. He has developed a unique variety of skills bringing creativity to the challenges of living a sustainable life and is commited to helping others through the work that he does.  He is passionate about spreading practical information to others, both through theory and practical application of the various skills that he practices.  He lives currently at coed rural art space in Wales, where he co-manages a productive forest garden and veg garden

Andy Egan (Director)

I am passionate about working for environmental, social and economic justice and helping to make the world a happier, more peaceful and mindful place. I am vegan and love nature, music and dancing, running, swimming and yoga. I have a rich and varied background as a community and global educator, a community development practitioner, campaigner, consultant and senior leader in the fields of global education, environmental and social justice and community forestry. I led the Global School Partnerships programme at the British Council and was Chief Executive of International Tree Foundation for seven years. Recently I have been working with TreeSisters to facilitate the development of an Ethical Tree Growing Code as part of the planned Year of the Tree campaign.

Luciana Corp (Director)

The natural world from a young age has always been fascinating to me and filled me with wonderment and awe. Living within North Devon for over 20 years and raising a family gave me the opportunity to deepen my relationship with myself and the natural world. My journey led me to holistic vibrational medicine and communing with trees, flowers and the land. Fellowship of the Trees weaves for me the sacredness of life, cycles, diversity into community action and guardianship.

We plant seeds of hope, we envision change.