Past projects

July 2019 - Rhythm and Roots

Rhythm and Roots was seeded in response to our awareness of the ecology and social crisis upon the Earth. A beautiful collaboration alongside Earth Star CIC, ,  as a joint fundraiser bringing together a collection of incredible array of musicians who carry within their hearts and songs a call to elevate our human consciousness which sounds the call to action for change.  Ecstatic dancing gave all the opportunity to shake and stomp at this event to raise the energy even more.

Small clip of the event:


Welcoming turning of the seasons, at Midwinter, these community plantings involved firekeepers, ceremonial space holders and musicians to celebrate the remembrance of nature as our truth. 

A collaboration with Brightsky Community,, is now set to be annual event named Treegeneration.

This prayer to our Mother Earth included over 2,000 native saplings being planted through community celebrations in four directions within the UK, Hebden Bridge (North) Essex (East) Dorset (South) and South Wales (West).    These events happened in synchronisation with each other, in the spirit of four ‘tribes’ gathering to greet the solstice and call in a better world for our future generations. 

Deepening our relationship with trees, to give gratitude to our ancestors, to support the land to rewild, as well as remembering the sacredness of community.  These were beautiful events, and conscious plantings honouring our diversity socially and environmentally.

March 2020 – Online Equinox Prayer to the Earth with live feed Tree Ceremony from Avalon Priory

A time to celebrate and share online with a harmonious community of peoples in different locations weaving their creativity through music, meditation, song as well as ceremony.    The event, which was planned as a large gathering, had to become an online offering due to the COVID-19 restrictions.   The silver lining here, was that we were able to open space for a much larger global audience through the benefits of our online platform.

This sacred online equinox gathering wove a community together from all directions of the UK.  A  sacred space was opened and held where intentions and visions were created as well as prayers for  all sentient beings.

The live-streamed planting of a small grove of Alder Trees at the Avalon Priory, Somerset was carried out by the local community to form a gateway to a site in which a new woodland will be planted during planting season 2020/21 – honouring old woodlands which are no longer visible.

We plant seeds of hope, we envision change.