Invitation to partnerships

Fellowship of the Trees aims to work in partnership with other community, charitable and environmental organisations and to be mutually supportive through endorsement and services. We aim to be adaptive and flexible to work according to the specific needs, mission and policies of partner organisations.

Partnerships – We invite you to fill and provide contact info and submit .

Meaningful connections through shared purpose.

- a platform and community for practitioners, change-makers and ethical entrepreneurs

Avalon Priory

- is a Holistic Centre comprising a residential community, rooms for visitors , welcomes people from all backgrounds, The place is kept vegan, organic, alcohol/substance-free, also runs lovely ceremonies.

Wild World Festival

- Craft Workshops | Pottery | Family Activities | Yoga | Dance Medicine | Poetry | Theatre | Music | Comedy | Circus | Talks | DJ | Speakers | Treatments | Food & Drink.


- pronounced ‘coyd’ and meaning ‘wood’ in Welsh, Hill is a place that aims to combine creativity with sustainability, many residents engage in expressing their creativity with the tools gifted to them by mother nature. There are also artistic workshops, in which the skilled residents share their eco-logically friendly crafts and creations. Coed Hills is also available for private hire.

Education, Inspiration, Accommodation

- offer a wide range of different classes, workshops and educational sessions, each one aimed at bringing like-minded people together and making our community stronger.


- our aims are to educate people about the need for action on climate change, to involve local communities in tree-planting, and to improve our local environment and biodiversity for the benefit of local people and future generations.

We plant seeds of hope, we envision change.