Our work aims to restore, regenerate, protect as well as educate to ensure a world which is abundant, adaptable and thriving for future generations.

  • We take inspiration from characteristics exemplified by forests as our ethics: collaboration, networks, mutual support, strength in togetherness, communication, and interdependence.
  • Rewilding, reforestation and land regeneration projects – planting native and tropical woodland and forests.
  • Promoting and supporting biodiversity by protecting and developing natural habitats and ecosystems.
  • Pro-actively honouring, encouraging as well as re-vitalising meaningful connections between people, land and spirituality through sacred and environmental activism.
  • Collaborate, support and sponsor already established community and environmental organisations locally and internationally.
  • Sponsor and participate in the creation of agroforestry projects, supporting farmers to have healthier soil and higher yields whilst also providing natural habitats for wildlife.
  • Supporting, sponsoring and creating permaculture projects, forest and herb gardens for communities, organisations and committed private landowners.
  • Provide a platform for education, training and leadership in the fields of regenerative culture, herbal medicine, healthy lifestyles, rewilding, reforestation, conservation, spirituality and sustainability.
  • Combine eco-therapy, environmentalism, holistic therapies and spiritual practices to educate, empower and promote the well-being of individuals, groups and communities.
  • Promoting, protecting and supporting inclusive communities, indigenous tribes, and disadvantaged people.
  • Supporting initiatives in organic vegetable farming and encouraging healthy plant-based nutrition to support health and longevity.

Our Values

Future generations: we recognise action is required now to leave future generations a world which is healthy, nourished as well as regenerated and abundant.

Peaceful and sacred activism: transforming compassion into actions for creating, preserving, regenerating the planet and its inhabitants.  A fusion of spiritual alongside indigenous knowledge, cultural as well as ancestral traditions, courage, love, and gratitude, with conscious radical action in the world.

Co-creative: collaborative in nature offering a way of council for all to play their part, however big or small.  Providing space for individual gifts and contributions to be honoured.

Transparency: we are open in communication, responsibility, accountability.  

Respect:  ensuring that internal and external communications are sensitive, respectful, and considerate.

Compassionate and conscious:  being of service to the Earth bridging systems of ecology, education and conservation/regeneration to ensure an interdependence of unity through love and integrity.

Connectivity: restoring connection between people and the planet. Creating a community with connection to wholeness and wilderness.

Integrity:  we are consistently open, honest, ethical and aligned with our hearts placing our world, environment, nature including humanity first.

Diversity: we know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, faiths and cultural backgrounds to make our fellowship succeed. We encourage and respect differences of opinion and lifestyle using non-violent communication, equal opportunities and inclusion.

Inner Development: we recognise both inner and outer landscapes are our responsibility.  Supportive, sacred spaces are offered within the fellowship to invite people to participate in self-care, personal development, and reflective practice as essential to our work.

Conscious mobilisation:  Inspiring passion, enthusiasm, commitment and movement in response to forefront ecological issues and addressing climate change.

We plant seeds of hope, we envision change.