Our approach

Our way is to embrace spiritual and practical aspects of restoring, regenerating as well as protecting the natural world and ourselves, with the knowing that we are intrinsically connected.
We aim to inspire as well as empower people to come together and reconnect with nature and to take responsibility on a conscious level to move into a new paradigm of interbeing.
The Fellowship of the Trees is part of the movement that invites a lifestyle culture in which humanity can live in harmonious, symbiotic interrelationship with themselves, each other and this Earth that we call home.
We believe that by creating space for individuals to be of service to the natural world, we can promote their well-being whilst also creating loving, inclusive communities.

The Wisdom of the Trees

Dreams were important to ancient societies and in many world cultures yet this has been replaced with the society of the spectacle in modern culture.
The Fellowship of the Trees believes it time we reclaim the importance of dreams by bringing them into reality. There is a collective dream in today’s world, an urgent calling to which we are responding. We are dreaming into reality a network bridging the wisdom of indigenous and ancient dreaming, within modern day landscapes.
Trees and integrity are synonymous concepts: The integrity of tree’s structures, their dynamics and individual characters, as well as their family systems and communities are exemplary. It is something that the ancients respected and science is only beginning to glimpse and understand.
Trees have survived the millennia and supported the entire globe through their constant and intrinsically ever evolving fellowship. This is how they have stood the test of time, through their collaborative system of interdependence and communication. We choose now to learn from them and model a movement of tree-based philosophy and activism based upon this principle.
It is through the innate structure of trees and their cohesion that our global ecosystem is made possible. We hold it as self-evident that if we take the principles demonstrated by trees as guidance we will naturally work in fellowship with them.
In so doing, we will be allowing nature’s powers of healing and restoration of balance to take their course ensuring success. The trunk or central spine of our ethos is that the heart and mind can meet and collaborate. In conception, and in harmony it will branch out into multi-faceted implementation of systems and channels to apply to every situation as needed. This is in order to protect, restore, regenerate, educate and support the individual as well as the collective. Let us live in fellowship with each other, living in accordance with nature’s teachings and ways.
This is a movement of urgency, motivated by love with a unified vision that an abundant and healthy world be restored and assured for future generations.

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