Current projects

Rehoming Oak Saplings

 Our hearts went out when we read an article in The Times, relating to thousands of two-year-old native Oak sapling being burnt by a tree nursey if not sold.   When we clarified with Maelor Forest Nursery, we found that any unsold oaks were in fact going to be mulched.   This felt disrespectful to the Oak, so to honour them we decided to crowdfund to rehome as many as possible.

Rehoming these native broadleaf Oak saplings within our community planting season 2020/21 is underway as oaks can live for over 1,000 years.  As a native tree species which supports a wide variety of invertebrates, these saplings will positively affect the biodiversity.

If you are a community, group who are planning to plant this year and would like more information about receiving some of these Oak saplings please contact us.

UK Community Initiative, Tree Guardians - Micro Nurseries

Tree Guardians pledge to nurture and tend native tree seeds for two years, in their gardens, balconies and windowsill.  To grow flourishing saplings which will deepen their relationship and practical experience of growing trees along with learning what the benefits each tree species offers to the environment including communities and people. 

This initiative is about creating a web of micro nurseries throughout the UK.  Where after two years of guardianship the saplings will be part of local community planting projects and weaving deeper stewardship qualities between Tree Guardians and saplings.  

Tending seeds at home offers an opportunity for all people within our communities to contribute to regenerating rural, urban as well as community environments.

We chose to champion Native Tree Species as within a woodland, hedgerow or on land biodiversity is also affected by whether the main tree species are native to Britain.  Non-Native Trees are often uninviting to native species of invertebrates, which have not evolved to feed on them.   Increased biodiversity can be found where there are native tree species along with the tree species having adapted over years to climate and environmental variability.

Part of this initiative is to invite people to pause and observe trees where they live and how the trees inspire creative expression whether it is through poems, music, songs, movement or art and to share these with wider communities.

You are invited to be a Tree Guardian by clicking the “Join here”  button below.

Winter Solstice Celebration and Sacred Tree Planting 2020

Fellowship of the Trees is known for our four direction Winter Solstice Tree planting events planting in four locations around the UK connecting all directions in a sacred act of love through tree planting.   With the turning of the seasons the Winter Solstice is when daylight is at its minimal, we welcome Winter with the return of the Sun. 

 During this time of the year which falls beautifully within the tree planting season we collaborate with communities and other organisations to plant tree sapling as a blessing to the earth.   Giving thanks to our ancestors and visioning a thriving diverse world.

Weaving sacred action with music, community, tending our home mother earth with intention, pray and planting of tree species chosen for their appropriateness of roles within the biodiversity of the environment.

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